Who am I? What are you getting yourself into? And more of life’s great questions answered.

I’m just another traveler on this road of life… Don’t I sound philosophical? 

Ok, seriously, I am Dave Howington. Hence the name of my site – Dave Howington. I enjoy writing as a medium of expression. This is like my umpteenth time starting a web site, because I’m a bit of a perfectionist as well as a procrastinator. It’s kind of a lethal combination. Also I find Facebook is getting too cluttered with ridiculously long. I mean what happened to the 15o word limit, amiright? 

My identity as a Christian means that there will probably be some posts about my thoughts pertaining towards verses I may come across in the bible, or even “insights” that I receive while growing in my relationship with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Although, at the same time, I’m a fairly private dude, and unless I really feel like there’s something worth sharing I may not write all too often on my relationship with God. 

My identity as a husband means I love my wife a heckuva lot. However, I reiterate, I am a private dude, and so I probably won’t write about my marriage all too often. 

My identity as a personal trainer means that I love helping people in regards to fitness and nutrition. I immerse myself every week into continually educating myself so I can help people transform into the best versions of themselves in the physical realm. I write a lot for my company IBJI Health Performance Institute Here — The posts on HPI’s website tend to lean towards a more specific and applicable nature in regards to training and wellness. The articles on my personal site will most likely be more reflective and theoretical on what I am learning as well as just thoughts I have in regards to fitness. 

My identity as a reader and a thinker is what will mostly dominate this website. I really do enjoy writing as a means to process my thoughts.

Ultimately what this site is, is not just an opportunity for me to process thoughts. Rather more specifically I want to use this to process thoughts I think are worth sharing but way over the 150 word limit imposed by Twitter and Facebook. It’s an opportunity for me to kind of share what is going on inside my brain. Just to warn you, you may need to brace yourself… Probably not…

– Dave

P.S. Anyone looking for dating advice, I can provide that as well. Below is Exhibit A – as you can see I totally married up 😉

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