About Me

I know a little about a lot and a lot about a little. Just this opening line should provide some insight to my goofy/oddball nature. 

As a personal trainer and a graduate school student I am constantly immersed in subjects surrounding health and fitness. I believe that I can bring some really solid and practical insight for the people looking to achieve their goals. This is the area where I know the most.

As a Christ follower who reads a fair amount of books regarding everything from fantasy to evolutionary history I believe I bring an interesting perspective to a variety of subjects. These are a plethora of areas in which I know very little.

As a loving husband who married up I think I can offer some decent relationship advice, especially for guys. This is an area where I wish I could say I know anything but truth be told I am still figuring out things as I go. 

Suffice to say, there isn’t any one topic I plan to exclusive discuss. There will probably be a lot of posts on fitness, with a little bit of everything else. I hope that through sharing my unique perspectives and particular observations the few who read this blog will find themselves learning something new, or at least get people thinking.