Growing up with a christian background there were things I was taught day in and day out, and things I misunderstood. Such as; humility means not letting yourself get a big head, and for that reason confidence is bad. Granted, this is just a summation, but at the same time it tends to be the lesson I always think back to when remembering how I was taught such lessons. 

All this said, I could be misunderstanding what I was taught, but that’s the point. Humility and confidence are commonly misunderstood. In all honesty, true confidence and humility go hand in hand. 

Humility, as C.S. Lewis is often quoted, is not about thinking less of yourself, it’s about thinking of yourself less. This means in all sense of the word that humility is being aware of our surroundings and of those around us. Being on the lookout of how we can authentically live outside of ourselves and to help others without expecting anything in return. I know there is so much more than this, but we are beyond the point of this post.

True confidence is much the same way. It’s not about having a big head, being boastful, or egotistical. True confidence is an inner strength that gives an individual the opportunity to not worry about themselves. True confidence is a security that we can have so that we may look towards others. 

So really, confidence and humility truly go hand in hand. The security gained from inner confidence allows for others to look towards others as oppose to themselves. They both are entrenched in the fact that we must know who we are, we must understand our own identity and where it rests. Without that we will never truly feel secure. 

That’s it, no anecdotes or gimmicks. I’m not one to beat around the bush. I know this is possibly the shortest post in the world, but they are two concepts worth clarifying. They are both so often misunderstood, and yet when understood they can be powerful. 

– Dave


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